Glasslife Halter für Wassersprudler Flaschen, Glas und PET, Abtropfhalter in Z-Form, gebürsteter Edelstahl, einfach zu reinigen, inklusive Abtropfschale, für 3 Flaschen


  • Set for drying cleaned bottles for soda makers of common brands: After cleaning, for example with a bottle brush, it dries up to 4x faster in the stand, the bowl prevents limescale stains
  • Water bubbler bottles of every brand and size fit into the openings: 0.6 liter glass carafes and also 1.0 liter PET bottles – the silicone edge protection in the openings prevents scratching
  • Material of the Z-shape bottle stand: stainless steel (brushed), protective rings: silicone – Dimensions of the 3-bottle holder: W x D x H approx. 30 x 15 x 12 cm – Delivery including water collecting tray
  • With the stylish Z-design, the bottle holder fits in every kitchen and ensures admiring glances – the premium stainless steel material with the gently rounded edges ensures a classy look
  • With regular use of the drip holder, you have a freshly cleaned and dried bottle ready to hand every day – there is a separate hanging loop for dripping off the lid

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Glasslife bottle holder for sparkling water bottles: can be used with small glass carafes and large PET bottles – silicone inserts prevent scratches when inserting the bottles and ensure a stable overhead stand – great Z-design, available for 1, 2 or 3 bottles – includes: drip tray against limescale deposits – made of high quality, brushed stainless steel – easy to clean

The Glasslife bottle holder with its stylish Z-design is a visual highlight in the kitchen. So that the bottles look like new, all openings are provided with a protective ring made of silicone, which protects against scratches. The high-quality material made of brushed stainless steel with rounded edges sets further visual highlights. No matter whether it is the bottle holder for 1 bottle, 2 bottles or 3 bottles.

In addition to the successful appearance, the benefits are not neglected either: thanks to the optimal circulation of air, the bottles in the Glasslife drainer dry around four times faster than simply standing overhead. In addition, the annoying toppling of the bottles is no longer necessary as they are securely in the holders. A hanging loop is integrated for the lid. The included drip tray prevents the formation of unsightly limescale stains under the drip stand.